Podcasts & videos I like

There’s a few things I like to listen to and watch from time to time. I have learned a huge amount about brewing by listening to podcasts as I cycle and drive long-distance.

Basic Brewing Radio is a podcast I listen to a lot. They started in 2005 and are still going! They often have really interesting topics and interviews with people on a variety of subjects. Often people I’ve heard of will end up on the show. They’ve had John Palmer, Charlie Papazian, the guys from Wyeast and White Labs, hops growers, maltsters and a variety of home brew bloggers who have been doing interesting stuff. The topics have ranged from growing your own hops, through every aspect of the brewing process to different styles of beer, to matching beer and food. It’s all done in a very friendly, humorous and engaging way. Well worth a listen. It’s a US based show, but they recognise they have a world-wide audience and even go to the effort of providing metric temperatures and volumes as well as the usual Imperial measurements. The podcast initially started as a vehicle to promote their instructional videos, but it has grown and grown over the years.

Basic Brewing Video is pretty much what you’d expect. It’s made by the Basic Brewing Radio guys, and features mostly brewing recipes and experiments. Well worth a watch.

The Grainfather YouTube channel—Lots of Grainfather videos, interviews with brewers and the like. This is the official place for videos from the company that makes the Grainfather.

The Grainfather vs Braumeister: Part 1, part 2 and part 3. I found these on Youtube for if you’re wondering how the two systems compare.