Inspiration, Reference & Recipe formulation:
Books I heartily recommend
Sites with good information
My brewing software
Podcasts & videos I like

Mashing & Boiling:
The Grainfather
The Grainfather STC-1000 upgrade – pure awesomeness

Temperature control
I ferment in a 30L Malt Mechanics conical fermenter. It’s a lovely bit of kit and I’d happily recommend it. I got mine from League of Brewers

Bottling & Conditioning:
I keg my beer. It’s fast, easy and looks nice when you serve it. I have a Mangrove Jacks kegerator with two taps (although I have dreams of a 3 tap system with Intertap taps!). I have three corny kegs, so I can have two beers serving and one ready to go when a keg kicks. I still bottle beer. My 23L batches won’t completely fit in a 19L corny keg, so I always have to bottle a few litres.