Port Hills Mild Ale

The grist for this beer came from my stuff-up at a home-brew store where I work. I was measuring grain for a customer and mis-measured. I couldn’t sell the grain to the customer so I was given the grain to brew with. I have no idea what the original plans for the grain were, but I decided to brew a mild ale – a style I’ve brewed before and really enjoy. It benefits from not being served too cold. Cellar temps are perfect or all the malt flavour disappears.

The name comes from the big fires in Christchurch in Feb 2017.  I love the Port Hills and it’s hard to think of them all dark and roasty like this beer. I sent some down to my mate, who had to evacuate his house in Kennedy’s Bush. I hope they went down OK.

Pre-Boil Gravity: 1.036 SG
Original Gravity: 1.039 SG
Final Gravity: 1.007 SG
ABV: 4.3%
Actual IBU: 17.0 IBU
Colour: 48 EBC
BU:GU Ratio: 0.45

Mash water: 22L (I went with a thin mash for this one because of the oats and flaked barley)
Sparge water: 12.5L

Grain (total: 4.9kg):
Gladfield Ale Malt 3.18 kg (65%)
British Oat Malt 460 g (9.4%)
Gladfield Munich Malt 340 g (7%)
Gladfield Dark Crystal (75°L) 340 g (7%)
Gladfield Dark Chocolate Malt 340 g (7%)
British Flaked Barley 230 g (4.7%)

40g UK Fuggle 4.5% (17 IBU) @ 60 mins
10g UK Fuggle @ 10 mins (this was really just to use up the last of my 50g pack of hops)

Mash at 69°C for 60 mins, mashout and sparge.

Boil for 60 mins.

Pitch @ 23°C with Mangrove Jacks M36 – Liberty Bell. Hold at 23°C for 4 days then slowly raise the temp over 2 days to 26°C. Cold crash to 1°C. Add 1 tsp gelatine as the temp passes 10°C. Bottle/keg after 3 days.

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