Oyster Stout

No, this doesn’t have oysters in it. It is a lovely, smooth, easy drinking stout. It is very bitter, but the maltiness and unfermentable sugars from the high mash temperature hold it in check a bit.

Pre-Boil Gravity: 1.038 SG
Original Gravity: 1.041 SG
Final Gravity: 1.010 SG
ABV: 4.1%
Colour: 60 EBC
BU:GU Ratio: 1.4!

Mash water: 16L
Sparge water: 16L

Grain (total 4.73kg):
Maris Otter 4.1 kg (87%)
Gladfield Medium Crystal Malt 230g (5%)
Gladfield Pale Chocolate Malt 200g (4%)
Gladfield Roasted Barley 200g (4%)

37g Green Bullet 12.6% (50 IBU) @ 60 min
30g East Kent Golding 6.5% @ 15 min

Mash at 70°C for 60 mins. As this is a small grain bill, the sparge water is the same volume as the mash water, so it’ll take a little bit longer to sparge.

Sparge and boil for 60 mins

Ferment at 20°C with SafAle S-04, or Mangrove Jack’s M15 (Empire Ale)

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