Karl’s Malty Session Ale

I wanted a lower alcohol beer, but with lots of flavour and mouthfeel. I didn’t want to cram it full of hops, rather I wanted it to have a big malty flavour. I’m not 100% sure I achieved it with this particular beer, but it is malty and it does have a good mouthfeel. It still tastes a bit light. I’m really enjoying drinking it, but it’s not been so popular with my friends and family. The recipe is based on a mild ale, with some mouthfeel enhancing ingredients (dextrine malt and oats).

Pre-Boil Gravity: 1.044 SG
Original Gravity: 1.036 SG (I added some water to hit my numbers)
Final Gravity: 1.010 SG
ABV: 3.4 %
Colour: 33 EBC
BU:GU Ratio: 0.74

Mash water: 20L
Sparge water: 13L

Grain (total: 4.15kg):
Gladfield Pilsner Malt 2.500 kg (60.2%)
Munich Malt 600g (14.5%)
Light Crystal 300g (7.2%)
Dark Crystal Malt (75ºL) 200g (4.8%)
Uncle Toby’s Rolled Oats 200g (4.8%)
Gladiator Malt 200g (4.8%) – A dextrine malt, similar to Carapils
Chocolate Malt 150g (3.6%)

16g Pacific Jade 13% (25 IBU) @ 60min

Mash at 70°C for 60 mins
The Grainfather calculations all go out of whack when you are dealing with such small grain bills. I resorted to using 20L mash water, 13L sparge water and just accepting a thinner mash. I know from my Brew in a Bag days that a thin mash doesn’t seem to affect anything.

Sparge and boil for 60 mins

Ferment with Fermentis S-04 at 20°C. Use Marshall Schott’s Ale schedule on your upgraded STC-1000, or give it a week or so.
These low gravity brews ferment out REAL fast!

I based this recipe on the one from Jamil Zainasheff’s excellent book Brewing Classic Styles.

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