Grainfather recipes

Canterbury malt + Nelson hops = wicked Kiwi beer!

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Grainfather recipes

All my recipes are formulated for the Grainfather, because that's what I use to brew. It holds 28L pre-boil, 26L post boil and I usually get most of that into the fermenter. I use Rager for my hop calculations, and Morey for my colour calculations. I've been getting between 70-75% brewhouse efficiency with the crush gap on my mill. You can use those numbers to recalculate the recipes for your own system. Most brewing software will do it for you easily. I have converted all my Brew in a Bag recipes to Grainfather recipes too.

NZ ingredients

Living down here at the bottom of the world, we have easy access to some ingredients, but not others. I'm lucky enough to live in Nelson, so have access to all the Kiwi hops I could ever need. I'm also a fan of the malt from Gladfield. But like me, you're possibly going to have to adapt these recipes to the conditions and ingredients you have where you are. Call it terroir

Bring back malt!

We seem to be awash in a sea of hoppy American style beer. I've really become disillusioned with the 'Cult of the Hop' and the fact that Kiwis mistakenly associate the flavour of "craft beer" with "hoppy beer". Lately I've been seeking out well brewed, maltier offerings such as German hybrid ales, German lagers and English ales. That's the lovely advantage of being a brewer. I can happily brew any style that takes my fancy, and aroma hops be damned!